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Meet Retail Taylor

I?m Taylor. 23, married, 1 kid (my cat) and I work retail. Sprinkle a little sass and sparkle and you?ve got me in a nutshell. I love my job. In fact, most of the time, I am crazy about my job. I am a buyer. This means I go traveling to different wholesale markets around the US and pick out new merchandise to put into our stores. It?s fun, .

So…You’re Going to Buy a $145 Pullover?

$145 Pullover True Grit. It hit hard. In fact, it hit so hard I would say it was the hottest commodity jacket of 2016. And guess what?? 2017? It?s going to be HUGE. ? So, why? Why pay $145 for this pullover you are seeing all over the internet and in tons of stores? Let me tell you. Y?ALL- I LIVE for clothing items like this. I cannot tell .